Let me start with some local stories from the front lines:
(1) A couple of weeks ago I was in our village post office when I witnessed a conversation between the staff and an elderly but feisty lady, who was complaining bitterly that she had been feeling absolutely terrible for the previous two weeks, ever since she had her booster shot. She said that she had lost all the strength in her arms, couldn’t lift anything, and was unable to tend to her pony. She swore vehemently that she would never take another vaccination. Interestingly, one of the other people there chimed in that they had heard several others making similar complaints.

(2) A staff nurse in a nearby hospital told me that she reckoned that it is now the vaccines that are causing the new infections, not the virus. She herself had already had two injections, but vowed that she would not be having any more.

(3) Another hospital nurse said that she considers that the Covid is nothing more than the seasonal flu, and that all the fuss being made is complete nonsense. She herself is already double-jabbed, but feels that she has to accept the booster as well, because otherwise her family will call her a ‘conspiracy theorist’ – that is, she is being bullied into it.

(4) A young medic in our local town told me that he doesn’t trust the vaccines or the pharmaceutical companies. He and his wife remain steadfastly unvaccinated, and are also determined not to vaccinate their children. I could tell you many more similar stories.

At the time of writing, more than one third of the population remains unvaccinated and/or partially vaccinated. This number continues to grow daily as more and more people decide not to have any more injections, based on their unpleasant experience. Let’s now consider some of the reasons to be sceptical about the vaccines and the pharmaceutical industry, and the official narrative from our politicians and their medical and scientific ‘experts’:

(a) Having had Covid myself at the beginning of 2020, and recovered from it at 71, I know it is nothing worse than a bad dose of flu. Indeed, the Prime Minister’s initial response, i.e: herd immunity, was the correct one, but he was talked out of it by the exaggerated claims of the scientific and medical establishment.

(b) Anyone who has had the disease, and recovered from it, gains ‘a broad, effective and long-lasting immunity’. This would apply to other strains of coronavirus and variants. This immunity is senior to, and better than, any limited immunity gained from so-called ‘vaccines’.

(c) These new ‘vaccines’ are not vaccines in the traditional sense. They can more accurately be characterised as genetic modification. They have not been properly tested for safety, and have been introduced under emergency powers for a situation that does not qualify to be called a pandemic, since there has been no excess mortality. It’s the winter flu, weaponised for profit and political motives.

(d) According to a survey of 10 million people in China, asymptomatic spread simply does not occur. As with traditional diseases, if you don’t have the symptoms, you cannot transmit the disease. Therefore, the whole argument, for the unnecessary and damaging masks and lockdowns, fails.

(e) More importantly, I believe it’s essential to understand that we have been manoeuvred into this costly and dangerous position by the pharmaceutical companies and their agents in the mass media, who all sing to the same tune, since they are owned by the same investors, like Vanguard and BlackRock. In effect, the BBC has allowed itself to become the propaganda arm of big business and corrupt politics. Freedom of Speech has all but disappeared.

(f) More ominously, there are many reports that the ‘vaccines’ themselves are harmful, and are causing widespread adverse reactions and deaths. It would appear that these casualties are not being accurately reported, and that there is a cover-up going on. In effect, Big Pharma have engineered a situation whereby we are all now required to line up for shots every six months, or lose our civil liberties and human rights, with no legal or financial recourse. This is Orwellian – not only an invasive and intrusive violation of our bodily sovereignty, but a level of authoritarian control that is anathema to all freedom-loving people. There are also sinister overtones of Eugenics and population control.

(g) There is a further problem with the ‘vaccines’, which provide some limited immunity against the original Covid-19 strain, but reduce the body’s natural immunity against all other diseases through Antibody Dependent Enhancement. The excessive vaccination programmes of whole populations cause the virus to mutate rapidly, and develop even more lethal strains, which could eventually result in a really serious pandemic, and could kill millions or even billions. Those who cooperate with this potentially deadly programme could find themselves complicit in genocide.

(h) The collateral damage of the current Covid regulations is extremely serious – vastly increased national debt, massive drop in national production, widespread unemployment and collapsed businesses, backlogged NHS delivery of routine medical procedures, children’s education interrupted, mental health problems and suicides, etc.

(i) A disturbing number of sporting figures are collapsing and even dying on the field of play, and recent statistics support the view that the majority of people dying from Covid are the vaccinated, not the unvaccinated. Not surprisingly, these deaths are not being reported in the mainstream media.

(j) The government continually tries to demonise the Unvaccinated as ‘selfish’ for not taking the vaccines ‘to protect the vulnerable’. This is nothing more than virtue signalling, since our unvaccinated natural immunity is more powerful and effective than the limited immunity of the vaccines with all their dangerous and damaging side effects, including death.

(k) There is even the suggestion that the vaccines cause the vaccinated to shed the spike proteins, so that others can be contaminated by these untried and untested attempts at genetic modification.

(l) Compulsory or coerced vaccinations, and vaccinations without full and proper informed consent, are high crimes under the terms of the Nuremberg Code of 1947. The truth is that we will not know the full extent of the harm caused by these vaccines for several years to come – by which time for many it will be tragically too late. It has been suggested that they will cause cancers.

(m) There also appears to be a political agenda and motivation behind the campaign to promote mandatory vaccinations on a regular basis. The so-called ‘vaccine passport’ is a method of control whereby citizens who do not comply are excluded from an increasing number of social and economic activities, thereby becoming second-class citizens, much like the Jews in Nazi Germany. This is a step towards a dystopian totalitarian state, where in the future we will all be required to accept a computer chip, and effectively become assimilated into Artificial Intelligence.

(n) The World Economic Forum is pushing for a Transhuman future of so-called Human Augmentation, wherein we would effectively become cyborg robots, entirely controlled by the State, owning no property, only allowed Central Bank Digital Currency, and monitored by a system of Social Credit, similar to China.

Those of us who believe in the sanctity and sovereignty of the human body and spirit need to stand up and be counted to preserve our individual and collective freedoms. Otherwise, the human race will descend into slavery and the eventual destruction and extinction of the human race, and of other species and life forms. Truly, we are now in a battle between good and evil. Your future, and the future of your family, depend now on your willingness to protect your civil liberties and your human rights. Meanwhile, the same industries that are pushing this inhuman agenda are also continuing to rape and destroy our precious planet.
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Respectfully submitted, Robin Scott MA(Oxon)

© Copyright Robin Scott 2021

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