“Protect your personal freedoms by buying this T-shirt or Hoodie and, most importantly, wearing it in public often, please, to help get the word out: we all need to reconnect at the Heart level…”

Original text by Robin Scott and brand new artwork from Chris Wright combine to express an important new message to overcome the fear-mongering and mass hysteria, and encourage everyone to reconnect, both physically and at the Heart centre.

The only way to counter those forces in society currently trying to drive us towards mandatory vaccinations, computer chipping and authoritarian control over every aspect of our lives, is to express our humanity through peaceful non-violent civil disobedience.

Based on our original and extremely popular Heart T-Shirt, this brand new hoodie design is available to buy now.

I will shake hands

I will hug

I will kiss

I will not be muzzled

I will not be isolated

I will not be vaccinated

The Case for Cannabis, available here.

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