Robin Scott’s 3-part video series #2

Robin Scott’s Cannabis Pill® . . . the very best way to use Cannabis

Make it yourself in the comfort and security of your own kitchen

By an organic method using inexpensive ingredients

A daily measured medicinal dose to your exact requirements

Avoids smoking or vaping (both inherently harmful)

No chemicals or solvents – completely safe and sustainable

Similar to Rick Simpson’s Hemp Oil, but for daily use

Usually one pill in the morning, one pill in the afternoon

A very pure organic hash derived from the BubbleBags technique

Baked into a month’s supply (10 grams) at very little expense

A method developed over more than fifty years’ experience

A long-lasting mellow high which keeps you fully functional

Relaxing pain-killer for your body, and uplifting for your spirit

The very best way to beat your addictions, and improve your sex life

In effect, Cannabis as a daily nutritional supplement

An essential ingredient to a truly healthy and happy life

Ideal especially for older folk, as your body’s internal production of Cannabinoids decreases

Entirely free and self-sufficient, if you’re smart enough to grow your own!

An absolutely democratic and delightfully subversive concept

Keeping Cannabis out of the hands of big business

People who take up medicinal Cannabis typically give up 80% of their pharmaceuticals

Growing your own Cannabis is an exciting and fulfilling pastime

Robin Scott is an original Hippy from the Summer of Love in San Francisco 1967

Spent three years in prison for growing the best and most potent Cannabis ever recorded in the UK

Named by GQ Magazine ‘The Cannabis Guru’.

Full story and recipe in my latest book – The Case For Cannabis

“Read my book – grow your own!”

“Robin Scott, the Cannabis Guru.”

GQ Magazine 1998

“Wonderful book, my dear! I am sorry you and Adrienne had those hard years in Scotland and elsewhere … they came to all of us. Much love, Hana"

Commander Hana Eltringham, Veteran Sea Org Officer, Senior LRH Aide

“As someone who first got high with Allen Ginsberg in 1965, I consider this a very important book on the subject.”

Roger Weller, Hip Entrepreneur

“An amazing amount of work, and a valuable contribution from a unique perspective”

Patrick Deluz, Class 8 Auditor

“I’ve found this the most comprehensive and accurate account that I have read in any description before. It shows a non-Scientologist the purpose of these drills and, most importantly, how and why they would be beneficial. Well done, Robin. xx”

former LRH Comm UK 

“You’ve always been one of the most morally courageous people I’ve ever known, Robin. You are an inspiration."

Allen Stanfield, USA

“A revolutionary.”

Theo Simon, Seize the Day

“Your excellent book is well written, shows understanding of the Tech, and it’s a great yarn! Well done.”

Dr Stephen Davies, Physician & Author

“A liability, even mopping the floor.”

Church of Scientology Senior Executive

“Thanks for writing this book; I find it amazing to understand that you do it from the viewpoint of ‘What is Greatness’!”

Per Schiøttz, Class 9 Auditor 

“I’m so proud to be your friend. You went to prison for your beliefs, and you’ve been proved right about Cannabis.”

Lynne Stannard-Mason, UK

“Yours is the best, because it’s grown with love.”

Martyn Healer, Green Activist

“I am VERY impressed with your clear elucidation of Scientology basics. Very impressive.”

Dan Koon, LRH Tech Comps

“Your talk on Cannabis electrified the students and gave a wonderful energy to the entire day. You were also superbly generous in giving your time and attention to the students, and causing them to think and ask questions.”

Rugby School, 2018

“Sentence and be damned.”

Robin Scott to the trial Judge 1996

“Wow! You brought back wonderful memories for me. It was indeed an exciting and blissful time.”

Marlene Saxton, LRH Pers PR 

“The most arrogant man we ever had to deal with.”

Devon & Cornwall Police

“After nineteen years in Scientology, this book has revitalised my interest in the subject.”

Roger Weller, long-time Scientologist

“My wife and I are both in total agreement with you”

Sasha Shulgin, Inventor of Ecstasy

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