A good friend recently gave me this fascinating gadget as a most welcome present. It’s a simple vaping pen, with a USB charging connection. The unusual difference, however, is that the cartridge doesn’t contain Nicotine; it contains pure Cannabis oil. This may already be a common item in the US; but for me, here in the UK, this is an original and innovative breakthrough. This is a method which we dreamed of thirty years ago, and I was sent to prison back then for trying to develop a similar method of ingesting Cannabis in its purest form.

I can tell you this much: it’s an absolutely fantastic way of getting high! One good puff at the strongest setting and – after a little spluttering – four minutes later, I am bombed! The high is extremely ecstatic and profound, and very long-lasting, several hours – a really delicious experience.

This Cannabis vaping pen is distributed primarily as a medicinal, pain relief device, for which it would be most excellent, since the relief would be really fast. Anybody suffering from a serious illness like Cancer would find this an invaluable support. At the moment, the pen costs £5, and each cartridge is £32 – I have yet to find out how much oil is in each cartridge and how many puffs I can get out of it, but it already seems to me to be incredible value for money. The good news is that previously I could only get Cannabis oil imported from Germany at £40 per gram; now it is being manufactured here in the UK at half that price, I’m happy to say. Imagine how cheap it would be if it was legal and one didn’t have to go on the black market.

An important caveat, however, my friends: we realised a long time ago that any highly refined substance is also bound to be highly addictive. My usual method of ingesting Cannabis oil is through my chocolate brownie Cannabis Pill, 35mg taken twice a day – a tried and tested, and very safe, method, that I have been using for years. With the vaping pen, there is a distinct danger that the high is so delicious (like cocaine or heroin) that it could become addictive. Although Cannabis itself is not physically addictive, it is possible for an individual to become psychologically dependent on it. I would suggest that this is a distinct possibility with the vaping pen, and my own decision is to use it sparingly, on special occasions (like sex!) or when I seek some deeper insight.

Moreover, the fact remains that by using a vaping pen, one is still ingesting oil directly into one’s lungs. However pure that oil may be, breathing oil into one’s lungs is never a good habit to acquire. That’s why I will always continue to recommend the edible Cannabis brownie method, whereby the oil goes directly into the digestive tract, where it can be assimilated into the bloodstream quite safely, and poses no threat to the lungs and one’s long-term health. The details and background of Robin Scott’s Cannabis Pill are explained in full in my book: The Case for Cannabis at www.lifetech.org.uk.

Having said which, it strikes me that it might be helpful if I explain to my good friends exactly what it is that I gain from regular Cannabis use, and why I am such a passionate advocate for its use and legalisation. I’m going to list out the various, and important, benefits:

RELAXATION: it takes exactly an hour and forty minutes for the effects of my twice-daily Cannabis Pill edible brownie to kick in. I could set my watch by it! At that point, there is a wonderful feeling of deep relaxation – invariably I will just lean back in my chair, take a deep breath and start to really enjoy the moment, fully in present time. I simply feel incredibly happy, more exterior to the world.

ELEVATED MOOD: at the same time, I get a distinct shift in my mental gears, like going into overdrive. I am more able to deal with any negativity in my environment, and adopt a more positive attitude towards all of life’s challenges. Essentially, the Cannabis raises my vibration to a higher wavelength, one that is more serene, cheerful and optimistic. By the same token, I have more empathy for the people I interact with – I’m more capable of compassion, understanding and tolerance.

HEALTH BENEFITS: these are numerous, and highly beneficial. My pulse rate and blood pressure are reduced, my breathing becomes calmer and more settled. Any aches and pains are immediately reduced, headaches dispelled – it’s such a wonderful pain-killer, I have been able to recover from surgery without any pharmaceutical pain-killers, only my Cannabis Pill. It totally handles any constipation, and keeps me deliciously regular, twice every morning. There is hardly a medical condition that Cannabis won’t ameliorate and even cure. It enables me to achieve physical homeostasis. It is a marvellous salve for both my physical and mental health. Statistically, people who take up medicinal Cannabis give up 80% of their pharmaceutical prescriptions.

REQUIREMENTS: it must be stated clearly here that these and many other benefits are only fully realised within an overall healthy lifestyle. If you continue to pollute your body with alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, street drugs, poor diet and a generally unhealthy lifestyle, you will counter the benefits of the Cannabis. It’s not a drug; it’s a healing herb, and works best in a focused and wholesome regime. In fact, Cannabis is an essential nutritional supplement in an overall healthy life.

AESTHETICS: Cannabis is renowned for improving one’s perception and awareness of Beauty and Creativity. Food tastes more delicious, music sounds more wonderful, sex is profoundly improved – every aspect of life’s pleasures is enhanced and improved – as long as you are also willing to deal with the increased awareness of any negativity in your life. That is the price you must pay – you must do the work. Perhaps more importantly, Cannabis makes one much more creative oneself – many artists and musicians have testified to the important influence of Cannabis in their work.

CONCENTRATION & CREATIVITY: there is a common misperception of the ‘stoner’ Cannabis user, someone unable to function properly and generally ‘out of it’. Used intelligently and responsibly, the effects are quite the opposite. I personally find that I perform any task I approach better when I am under the influence. The lawn gets perfectly mown, the food is beautifully cooked, the conversation is more sparkling, the movie is more enjoyable. If I visit a relative, I like to be high, because the conversation will be more empathetic, and more entertaining. Despite the common misperception that Cannabis impairs driving, like alcohol, in fact, I am a much better driver when I’m high – driving slower, more considerate, more safety conscious – recent research has confirmed this fact.

SPIRITUALITY & RELIGION: Cannabis is also well-known for improving one’s awareness of higher forces and the spiritual realm. Many times, when people get high for the first time, they invariably end up talking about God. In many religious traditions, Cannabis is celebrated for its ability to lead us towards God consciousness, and I have certainly found personally that it has led me to a much deeper appreciation of God, and the regular practice of daily prayer. The overall result of these many benefits has allowed me to live a super healthy and happy life, gradually to overcome the negative aspects of my life, and to enter a state of Ascension, where I can feel myself rising towards higher levels of spirituality and a life that consists almost entirely of blissful experiences.

CANNABIS v ALCOHOL: I grew up in a deeply alcoholic family over many generations, and still today. I married into an even more alcoholic family. Most of our friends and relatives have been alcoholics or co-dependents. I have witnessed over seventy years now at first hand the terrible destruction of alcohol in people’s lives; the degradation of their health, their relationships, their finances, every aspect of their lives, reducing them to a sad shadow of their former brilliance. It’s a tragedy acted out every day, sad to say. It has taken me a great deal of hard work to free myself from that prison.

Many years ago, the wife of a cousin – a bad alcoholic and chronic smoker – asked me why I preferred Cannabis to alcohol: my simple reply was that ‘Cannabis takes me up, while Alcohol takes me down’. She agreed that alcohol is a depressant, but didn’t change her habits. Reflecting on this recently, I have come to the conclusion that Alcohol will always bring you down, while Cannabis will always lift you up. Simplistic as that might seem, I sincerely believe it to be a fundamental truth. Alcohol takes you down to Hell; Cannabis lifts you up to Heaven, right here and now, in this life and the next. If you value your immortal soul, you urgently need to abstain from alcohol and embrace the loving, healing energy of Cannabis. Alcohol is the Blue Pill, which will keep you dumbed down in the Matrix, Cannabis is the Red Pill, which will release you from the illusion and set you free. It really is that simple – it’s black & white, my friends.

Finally, on a collective scale, our society suffers from the ruin of alcohol, dragging us down towards catastrophe, just as an individual alcoholic is hell-bent on falling all the way down to the very bottom, without ever looking back. The real and most serious epidemic we are currently suffering from is that we are a nation of addicts, tragic as that is. As the most wonderful genius and prophet, Bob Marley, once said:

“Herb is the healing of the nation; alcohol is the destruction.”

© Copyright Robin Scott 2021

The Case for Cannabis, available here.

Read my book, Grow your own.

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“Robin Scott, the Cannabis Guru” GQ MagazineFormer top scholar at Rugby School, and graduate of Oxford University, where I specialised in Religious and Political Philosophy, I first smoked Cannabis at the age of 18 in Haight Ashbury, San Francisco, in the Summer of...