I have a suggestion for my brothers and sisters in the Protest Movement, which I hope will meet with your approval.

During the summer protests, my friends and I sold hundreds of Heart T-shirts at the demos in Trafalgar Square and elsewhere. We appreciated the incredible courage and commitment shown by all those who were brave enough to turn up and take a stand against encroaching tyranny. We also appreciated all the many people who loved our Heart T-shirts and bought them – so that they became, and remain, a familiar sight at all our protest rallies.

Now we want to take it to the next level – partly because the weather is no longer warm enough for T-shirts, and partly because the situation we are confronting is changing, with increasingly unpleasant and violent confrontations with the Police. That’s why we have recently introduced our Heart Hoodies, which are also proving popular – they are incredibly comfortable, warm and snuggly, as well as giving you that warm glow of moral righteousness!

What we are now suggesting is what we call:

The idea is this: to get as many of us as possible going about our daily business on the streets of our city, town or village, wearing our Heart Hoodies and spreading the message directly to the general public on a person-to-person basis on the streets. We want our Heart Hoodies to become a familiar sight in every shopping centre and public area. This way, whenever you are wearing your Heart Hoodie, you are already protesting and campaigning 24/7, not just when we all get together at the protests. This will create a continuous drip-feed of our message, which has the added advantage of by-passing the Main Stream Media (who will never carry our message) and the Police. So, we avoid all the unpleasantness, but continue to get our message across in an effective way.

Most people respond extremely favourably when they see our Heart Hoodies and understand the message. When I first composed the text back in May, my focus was on the threat of mandatory vaccines, which we now know are on their way, imminent. Over the next few weeks and months, the decision whether or not to accept the vaccinations will become a hot issue for everyone. That’s why we need to act now to spread the message that people should refuse the vaccines, for all the reasons which we understand. We have to educate our fellow citizens that they too need to decide against the vaccinations – and hopefully join our growing grass roots movement.

What I find when I am out and about in my Heart Hoodie is that people automatically respond positively and seek to strike up a conversation with you. That’s our opportunity to get into a constructive dialogue with them on a personal basis, and convince them to join our side. Of course, there will some negative reactions too, and it is important for our team that we never react, but always respond with a kind and friendly vibe. We win this argument in the long-term by being the nice people, the friendly happy people – not angry or aggressive.

Let me explain upfront that I don’t make any money out of selling these Heart T-shirts and Heart Hoodies. They are quality products and I sell them at a very cheap price; there are a lot of expenses, and I often give some away free. So, in fact, I have had to spend several thousand pounds of my own money on getting this far. But I am glad to do so, because I believe in the cause and I believe in the message. If I ever do make a profit, you can be sure it will be spent in an ethical manner, on more projects like this.

So, in a nutshell, what I am encouraging you to do is buy your wonderfully warm Heart Hoodie for the winter by clicking here and wear it as often as possible, please. Get into conversations with the people you meet, even if they start off a bit hostile, and give them the talk. Your Heart Hoodie even has a convenient front pocket where you can keep information leaflets to hand out, which we will be happy to provide, as required. Our hope is to make our Heart Hoodies a familiar sight on every high street and in every supermarket, so that we can recognise each other and feel part of a winning team, while at the same time drawing attention to our cause, which is a vitally important one. I’m hoping that our Heart Hoodies will become this winter’s cool fashion statement – after all, we are the Beautiful People, just like when I was a Hippy in the 1960s!

I sincerely believe that the Heart Hoodie Campaign is an excellent strategy for our Movement. I would ask you kindly to support us by sharing widely on Facebook and other social media – especially those of you who have earned a leading position within the movement by your dedicated commitment, because the others will follow where you lead.

Buy your Heart Hoodie – and wear it with pride!

Love & Peace, Robin & team

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I will shake hands

I will hug

I will kiss

I will not be muzzled

I will not be isolated

I will not be vaccinated

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