Mark Fisher and Janis Gillham Grady are pleased to release this Special Video to our channel. Robin Scott’s Fascinating Journey.

This video was written and produced by Robin Scott where he tells his story both inside and outside Scientology and the Sea Organization.

This video includes –

  • Robin Scott’s family history in England.
  • His time in Scientology and the Sea Organization.
  • Why he left the Sea Organization and started up his own Independent Scientology Organization in the UK and Europe.
  • How the confidential Scientology New Era Dianetics for OT’s Materials were stolen and what happened to him once Scientology found out and came after him.
  • Robin’s connection with Captain Bill Robertson and David Mayo. – Robin’s journey into Yoga.
  • Starting his own Cannibis farm business in the UK and spending time in jail.
  • What his beliefs and philosophy are now after his years and experiences in life.

Any questions you may have, put them in the comments section below and Robin will answer them when we do a Live Q & A on our channel. Enjoy the video.