The UK government’s supposed legalisation of Cannabis for medical purposes is a corrupt and deceitful manoeuvre, designed to create a licensed monopoly for big business.

Recently, it was announced that two Cannabis-based ‘drugs’ have been approved for medical prescription: Sativex spray for MS and Epidiolex for two rare forms of Epilepsy. Both are manufactured by GW Pharmaceuticals, the government licenced monopoly of Cannabis production in the UK.

Epidiolex only caters for 9,000 sufferers, as opposed to the 1.4 million who already use Cannabis medically via the black market. Epidiolex only contains CBD, which most users find ineffective compared with the ‘Entourage Effect’ of full-strength natural Cannabis. Sativex contains CBD and also some THC, but once again actual users have found this unsatisfactory in comparison with the real thing. Cannabis itself is a complex compound containing more than one hundred different components. What the Pharmaceutical industry is trying to do is invent partial products derived from Cannabis elements, which they can patent and sell at an inflated price for profit – whereas the natural herb cannot be patented, but can be produced at minimal expense and is much more effective in healing than chemically derived products.


use Cannabis medically via the black market

There is a well-known phrase: ‘There is no Healing without THC’.

There are many vested commercial interests which feel threatened by the increasing popularity of Cannabis: not just Big Pharma, but also the Alcohol, Tobacco, Caffeine, Medical, Police, Legal, Prison and Weapons industries. The politicians fear Cannabis because it helps people to think for themselves, and it creates a more peaceful and enlightened atmosphere. So, government is moving to control Cannabis for profit. If they have their way, it will still be illegal to grow or use your own Cannabis; you will only have access to Cannabis via your prescribing doctor, and only those patented Cannabis formulations licensed by the government – that is, a restrictive monopoly which denies the vast majority of citizens the relief that cannabis can easily and inexpensively provide.

More than that, even if you qualify for legal Cannabis, you will not be allowed access to these legal medicines unless and until you have already tried all the chemical medicines first. So unwilling sufferers will have to survive all the pharmaceutical products before they can even get close to legal prescriptions, which are anyway less effective than the black-market Cannabis they are already using. In effect, the government are providing a tiny percentage of pseudo Cannabis to a tiny percentage of sufferers. And they are doing this to favour their corporate backers, who will profit from this insane and despicable strategy, while those who so desperately need medicinal Cannabis lose out.

“Cannabis has never killed anyone, ever. Aspirin kills 100 people a year.”

Unless, of course, you are rich enough to go to a specially licenced private doctor with the permission to prescribe Cannabis, and you can afford £700 for his consultation fees and £300 for your prescription. That is, the rich will be able to get their private supply; those on the National Health Service will continue to suffer in silence. All on the lie that Cannabis must be overseen by the medical profession for ‘safety’ reasons. What a crock of shit – Cannabis has never killed anyone, ever. Whereas even Aspirin kills 100 people a year. Given such a healing and safe herbal remedy, there is no argument on God’s earth that requires any form of supervision of Cannabis use. It should be entirely free and unrestricted for all of us who need it.

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